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If you want to volunteer in the gardens anyone is more than welcome to attend and do as much or as little as they feel able. Please see Latest News or our Facebook for regular updates of upcoming tidy-up sessions.


Marie Louise Gardens is a 4.75 acre oasis of peace and seclusion in one of Manchester’s most densely populated suburbs. It is situated to the south east of Palatine Road as it runs between West Didsbury and Northenden, and is adjacent to both the Blackburn  Park and Albert Park conservation areas. Tucked away behind a busy main road, it is often described as a hidden gem, because so many residents are unaware of its existence until they stumble across it (click on ‘Find Us‘ for map). It was given to the citizens of Manchester in 1903 by Josephine Silkenstadt, in memory of her daughter, Marie Louise, who died young. The Friends Group is a voluntary organization which was formed on the 5th March 2008, following a successful campaign by local residents to prevent the sale of part of the Gardens for development. Our principal aim is to assist the Council in preserving the integrity and character of the Gardens.

Over the previous 20 years, prior to the formation of the friends group, the appearance of the Gardens deteriorated, but over the last 18 months enormous progress has been made in transforming the appearance of the park with new tarmac paths, new benches and bins. The perimeter walls have been renovated and rebuilt, the shelter restored and re-roofed. The entrance to the park from Palatine Road has finally been re-opened and the Dene Road entrance opened out and re-planted. We have also be successfully applied for various grants to supplement the new money that the Council has agreed to invest in the Gardens. 

Besides protecting and enhancing its wildlife, and promoting good ecological practice, we intend to pursue our efforts to obtain Conservation status for the area in which it is situated. With your help, we hope to act as a voice for the Community and to encourage people to use the Gardens and become involved in their restoration. 
Let us know your views. If you would like to join us, please click on ‘Membership’.Together, we can make a difference and try to ensure that Marie Louise Gardens is restored in an appropriate manner.

Please watch the drone fly-over video of the gardens, giving the tree no.s for the Tree Trail:-