Commemorative Plaques and Memorials in the Gardens

The current policy is not to allow any new memorial plaques to be placed in the Gardens, with the very occasional exception mentioned in the next paragraph, and any that are placed there without permission will be removed. Individuals are free to make donations to the Friends work, and all donations will go toward the plant and tree stock, or equipment to support maintaining and developing MLG. On occasions, where opportunities arise, the Friends may suggest a specific item that could be purchased. However this is on a case by case basis, to ensure gifts are used effectively, and any trees/shrubs planted in the Gardens without prior agreement will be removed.

We are sorry if this leads to disappointment. In the past, the council did allow people to purchase a tree for the gardens and attach a memorial plaque etc. However this policy was discontinued many years ago, as a result of complaints from park users, as the growing number of such memorials was felt to be changing the character of the gardens. Subsequently, the council purchased new benches for the gardens and people were allowed to sponsor a bench, to which they could attach a small plaque. However this policy was discontinued a few years ago when all the available benches were sponsored, although it is possible very occasionally, if a new bench is needed for some reason. Also, despite some believing otherwise, there has never been a policy of allowing people to simply purchase a memorial plaque alone and place it in MLG. 

The general policy of MLG and indeed of other Manchester Parks is to encourage active community use, enjoyment of nature and of pleasant green spaces without an undue emphasis on memorials, which can lead to a burden on the quality of the environment. We of course understand that where a memorial bench already exists, relatives or friends of the dedicatee to place flowers by the bench at special times, and that is fine on the understanding that they are not a longstanding feature and will be removed after one week.

The Friends of Marie Louise Gardens